The MBG 5 Rules of Vibrant Strength:

Train as we play. Eat simple & strong. Balance body & mind. Listen & learn. Put it all together.

Week 1. Train As We play: “Movement Is Medicine”

  • How do you Train & Play: Run, jump, crawl, climb daily for health and happiness
  • How do you improve: Playing and progressing your movement skills
  • Why together: Playing together for benefit of all… All healthy cells do this

Week 2. Balance Body & Mind: Balance Brings Health and Health Is Wealth

  • Eischens Yoga and why is it so Powerful: Active alignment through movement
  • How to make it part of our day: One pose to your daily practice
  • Together: How to enhance that balance even more through partner feedback

Week 3. Eat Simple & Strong: Let Foods Be Your Medicine and Your Medicine Be Your Foods

  • Why plant-based nutrition: simple & strong
  • Make plant-based nutrition part of your day: Meals for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner
  • Eating in a way that helps you, other people AND the planet

Week 4. The Way of Monkey Bar Gym

  • Moving, restoring, eating in a way that is natural and healthiest for people and planet.

Week 5. GO!! Putting It All Together in our MBG 8 Week Challenge and Changing Your Life!!

  • The MBG 8 week cycle and why it works
  • The MBG workouts, initial testing, strength, stamina and balance
  • Planning your week of training, eating, restoration
  • How to keep focused and progress each week
  • Re-testing, re-goal setting and keeping up the great work :)

What You’ll Get Out of following the MBG Way!

  • Interact directly w/Jon Hinds
  • Learn to move as your body was naturally designed to…with confidence, balance and strength!
  • Learn how whole, plant-strong nutrition can heal, energize and strenghten your body and the planet as well!
  • Tap into the natural intelligence of your body to start living with more energy, vitality, and health!
  • Learn how Whole-Body Skill Training, Eischens Yoga and Plant-Based Nutrition form an integrated system of total well-being.

MBG Plant Based Nutrition: Why & How

  • Plant Based Nutrition (means 90% or more plants, 10% or less from animal or processed foods) –
    • The biggest nutritional study ever done proves 90% PBN to be the healthiest & most natural way for us to eat. 90% PBN can reverse disease and bring greatest health, energy and vitality. The China Study research of over 750,000 people around the world proved this! Eating a diet of over 10% animal or processed foods led to the 5 major diseases today (cancer, stroke, heart disease, stroke, arthritis).
    • 90% PBN means just that, eat mostly greens & colorful vegetables, raw nuts & seeds, berries, some strong starches (sweet potatoes, wild rice), and no added sugar….the 10% or less can be from animal or processed foods.
    • Basically keep this in mind while following a Plant Based plan: Eat enough to support exercise, but not gain body fat…simple rule of thumb is eat only when hungry, only til satisfied.

About Jon Hinds

Jon Hinds is a Master Trainer and business founder with over 30 years of global training experience. With his broad knowledge of human physiology and simple training philosophies, Jon has mastered the art of healing and strengthening the body. His dedication to these disciplines has yielded numerous patented training tools and a unique training methodology that continue to attract Olympic and professional athletes from all over the globe.

Jon is a former NBA strength and conditioning coach and is a training consultant for the NFL and NBA. He has trained over one hundred pro athletes and has also worked with renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

In addition to being an incredibly successful trainer and entrepreneur, Jon is an outstanding athlete and some of his personal accomplishments include:

  • Gold Medallist in the Pan American Games – Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • Gold Medallist in the Rickson Gracie World Championships – Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • At 6’1″ and 215 lbs. could do every dunk imaginable and took his vertical from a modest 25″ to 42″ in a span of months, hitting his elbow easily on the rim (Still dunking at age 49!)
  • Did 1,000 pushups in 40 minutes at age 40
  • Did 500 pushups in 12 minutes at age 43

Jon is currently the Owner and Founder of the Monkey Bar Gym franchise. He is also the Vice President of LifelineUSA, a global leader in fitness innovation and product distribution. Jon is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He’s also a writer and contributor to a variety of major sports publications and periodicals.

Who is Jon Hinds?

Praise for Jon Hinds

Featured in Muscular Development, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, WGN News, Wall Street Journal, VegNews, and Tony Robbins Life Mastery Course.

“The training was an incredible experience for someone like me who does not consider myself an athlete and never has. I grew and my body became so much stronger over a matter of one weekend. The self-confidence that comes with it is nothing to scoff at. This is very powerful stuff. Life changing!!!”
— Mia Jacobson

“It is one of the best experiences I have had in my journey in the wellness field. I loved it! How Jon taught the information on queing alignment and exercises was simple but yet extremely powerful. I HIGHLY recommend this course!”
— Costellano Hoffman, Strength Coach, Chicago, Illinois

“Fantastic! Life changing! I feel so fortunate to be able to understand these concepts now and be able to use them on my clients and myself!”
— Anna Luxmore, Personal Trainer, Illinois

“Amazing teaching, the Monkey Bar Gymnasium is the future of fitness and what a functional training facility should look like. Truly teaching people how to become REALLY physically fit!!”
— Michael Henskens, Personal Trainer, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I loved it!! It was a new way of training that makes sense!! I am so grateful for all the knowledge – it is truly revolutionary.  AWESOME!!”
Alexandra Auker, Personal Trainer, Illinois

“For me this was an awakening. A re-introduction to fitness the way it should be taught. I absolutely recommend the MBG to ALL! Anyone doing anything fitness related should be exposed to Jon’s teachings!”
— Joey Argento, Personal Trainer, Montreal, Canada

“An excellent health & fitness plan! Jon’s training was humbling physically with simple bodyweight training, plant strong nutrition. I absolutely recommend training the MBG Way!!”
— Steve Bott, Strength Coach, Virginia

NOW since we do NOT count calories, we are just doing this to show that it does count up to about the right amount of nutrients/cals a person will need to achieve their goals as long as they follow the most basic rule:
EAT only when hungry

EAT only til satisfied
EAT like a rabbit, not a snake!!! Meaning only eat to satisfy…could you run after??
DRINK lots of water all day


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