Our Mission

To educate, inspire and support millions of women and organizations across the world gain lifelong knowledge, skills and resources to live healthy lives.


The strategy for implementing the Foundation’s mission is identified in the steps listed below.

  1. Implement the Band Together for Breast Cancer in over 37,000 High Schools throughout the United States annually.
  2. Identify sponsors and supporters for the campaign.
  3. Develop posters and brochures and distribute materials to all participating High Schools.
  4. Educate students on the preventative efforts by eating healthier and exercise.
  5. Each participating student will receive a Walking 4 Breast Cancer (W4BC) T-Shirt.
  6. Students will present a catalog of various products that promote health and fitness.
  7. The students will take purchase orders and collect the funds. Participant Incentives:
    • High Schools – will receive a percentage of gross sales
    • Students – The top 10% of participating high schools that raise the most funds for the campaign will receive a $10,000 college scholarship per school in addition the top 20 student fundraisers will spend time with a well-known celebrity.